Company Store and Importing Ability

             If your company has locations all over the country and you are in need to simplify the ordering process and make sure your logos and designs are uniformly printed and products are all sanctioned by your department, then a company store could be important to your organization.

            We can create a secure order online environment to allow only designated employees in your company to order online. All purchases can either be handled with credit or procurement cards or invoiced to designated cost centers


At AZ PROMOTIONS LLC, we have established relationships with dozens of factories abroad that allow us to provide factory direct pricing to you and your company. If you are able to for see your needs 4 to 6 months ahead, we can save you between 30%-40% from what it would cost for domestic product.

We have provided all types of logo apparel, bags, and many other items.

AZ PROMOTIONS LLC can make it happen for you and your team!